Mini Courses

Foam Rolling 101:

Foam rolling is such a good way to keep your body and muscles in their best shape!

In this video I will take you through a tutorial of foam rolling for your whole body! This form of self-myofascial release or self-massage releases muscle tightness and trigger points in the body. Foam rolling helps your body speed up the recovery time for muscles and return your muscles to their normal and optimum functionality. Foam rolling helps to break up knots (adhesions) in the muscle resuming normal blood flow and function of the muscle.

Learn how to foam roll each muscle group and some of my tips and tricks!

If you later decide to purchase my Full Mobility program, just use the code on the PDF that comes with the video to get $35 off that purchase. Additionally, you will receive e-mail updates any time I update this program or post helpful content.

Hip Mobility:

Hip dysfunction is a huge issue in our society. Over 300,000 hip replacement surgeries are done in the US every year for patients over the age of 45. Given most people’s patterns of movement and the rise of obesity in the country our hips are in need of extra attention.

In these 2 videos you will get 2 different sets of sequences for working hip mobility and stability. Not only will you gain range of motion many people lose due to long periods of sitting and overweight, but you will also gain strength in the muscles surrounding the hips to keep them working well for you.

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Mobility for Feet:

Our feet take a lot of abuse and are often overworked and under appreciated.  Many people suffer from plantar fasciitis, weak arch support and generally tired feet.  In this video I’ll take you through some ways to stretch, roll out, and strengthen your feet.

You’ll want a lacrosse ball or another type of massage ball.  For more information on rolling out your feet and other parts of your body see my Foam Rolling 101 mini course!

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Lacrosse Ball

Flipping Your Grip

Flipping your grip to work on the most advanced versions of postures is something many people would love to do.

This tutorial is designed to help you warm up the areas of the body that need to be open for the flip to happen successfully and safely. For many people long hours at computers, in cars with shoulders forward and upper back rounded mean it will take longer for the body to open up for the flip to be possible.

I like to use pigeon pose as the entry point for this as I think it provides the most stability when learning this pattern of movement.  Please be gentle with your body when doing this and refer to both the video and image tutorial for additional stretches!

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