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Elysia Yoga Convention, code: CMELYSIA

Elysia Yoga Convention
Aegialis Hotel and Spa Amorgos, Greece
March 27th – April 1st, 2020

Join Clarissa & Erin in Greece again March 27th – April 1st for the Elysia Yoga Convention held at the beautiful Aegialis Hotel & Spa on the Island of Amorgos, Greece.

Clarissa will be leading a Morning Manifestation Meditation and sharing her “Let’s Bend: Workshopping Backbends” Whether you find yourself able to backbend with ease or they are a constant struggle there is always something new to learn. Some people struggle with relying on the natural bend in the lumbar spine. Others have trouble opening the front body while backbending. Both of these challenges, as well as several others can be overcome in this workshop. You will be guided through backbending drills and flows to help you self-analyze the patterns your body exhibits right now and develop new strategies to change those patterns to find ease and strength in backbending. For teachers: This workshop also has continuing education hours as we discuss anatomy, adjusting and some partner work. Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

Erin will be presenting “The Yogic Path: An Exploration of the Yamas and Niyamas through Movement and Mudra.” Using the power of yoga and intention Erin works to create a unique experience with each class she teaches. She encourages students to find optimal wellness through all facets of life and use yoga as a moving meditation to find themselves and their heart in this world. Come flow and explore!  For teachers: Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

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Elysia Yoga Convention code: CMELYSIA


Elysia yoga convention first began in 2015 with the idea of bringing together yoga teachers from all over to world to honor the practice of yoga in a peaceful oasis of luxury and inspiration. The convention was created by a team of yoga and wellness professionals and it is fully funded by Aegialis Hotel & Spa, the official organizer and venue. Welcoming yoga teachers, wellness practitioners and yoga enthusiasts, Elysia is a 7 day special event where well being, self-discovery and luxury combine.  Learn about the other presenters!


Elysia is a great opportunity to take a break, honor your body, mind and soul and learn more about yoga and wellness. Whether you are a beginner to it or it is already part of your lifestyle, Elysia welcomes all yoga enthusiasts who are passionate about health and yoga. You will connect with like-minded souls and other yoga lovers and learn so much from international practitioners. Each teacher brings their unique skills to the convention, some teaching different types of yoga classes, others guiding meditation sessions or leading holistic health focused workshops.


Known for its beautiful energy and zen-like vibes, Amorgos island is the home Elysia Yoga Convention. As the easternmost island of the Cyclades, Amorgos is a hidden gem away from all the hustle and bustle, a special place where you can connect with nature and find tranquility. With plenty of hiking tracks and beautiful beaches to explore, this island is the perfect oasis for yoga and self-discovery. While you will explore the natural beauty of the island, you can indulge in complete luxury at Aegialis Hotel & Spa with sea views from each room and amazing Greek food!  Known as a top yoga destination in the world, Aegialis hotel & spa offers 6 beautiful yoga shalas and 2 rooftop areas outdoor yoga and meditation.

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Elysia Yoga Convention, code: CMELYSIA

Elysia Yoga Convention code: CMELYSIA

Elysia Yoga Convention code: CMELYSIA