The Family of Yoga


LOVE! Some of the other local yoga teachers and I had a downtown Davenport, IA photoshoot a couple months ago! All photos in this post were created by Kirstin Pope,

When I moved to the Quad Cities in January of 2104 I came without a job, friends, a network of support except my fantastic soon-to-be husband Wade.  I had found and registered for a Yoga Teacher Training program  in a effort to expand my knowledge and passion for Yoga.  Today I have a whole family of yogis and an incredible network of people who I care deeply about and who care deeply about me.  This all became a reality for me because of my yoga practice.

My teacher training group and my teachers Evan and Kelly became my first group of friends.  I remember on day 1 we went around introducing ourselves and I said, “Hi, I’m Clarissa Thompson, I just got engaged and I need a job.”  Today yoga has provided me with a job opportunity, given me a cohort of friends, and improved my quality of life.

Pincha twins!

Pincha twins!

From the Tapas family of students and teachers to the owners of other studios I have taught for or attended class at, to my co-workers who came into my life because of a fellow practitioner, & my yoga family on Instagram that continues to grow and support me – I am surrounded by an amazing yoga family.

I often find myself telling other friends or people I interact with that if you need a group of loving and kind individuals, find a yoga community and it will provide for you.  If you enter a community of yogis offering more to others than you expect to receive I have found the doors open wide and the smiles last.

Love & Light to my Yoga Family 🙂

All photos were created by Kirstin Pope, Ripple Infinity.  You can check out her amazing work here:

You can follow more of my yoga story on instagram @clarissa_mae_

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