Kismet – why I love wearing it!

About a month ago I received a package in the mail from Kismet headquartered in Germany.  I had won an outfit from this fab company by participating in @collectiveyoga‘s 12K giveaway on Instagram.  When I opened it the silky material unfolded into a delightful pair of capri leggings and a super cute and sexy bra top.  I ran upstairs to put them on immediately.  After waltzing around I threw on a tank & headed out the door to teach.  I figured I’d just inaugurate my outfit teaching a hot yoga class.  Sylvia Daun had selected a gorgeous dark olive  top and leggings & I got several compliments from my students.  The pattern and material made it look like faux leather too for added appeal.

Kismet at Falls Park in Sioux Falls, ,SD after our wedding.

Kismet at Falls Park in Sioux Falls, ,SD after our wedding.

How did my Kismet perform in the hot class?

Well, considering the room was 105 degrees Fahrenheit and & humidity nearing 40% due to a large class I’d say it did really well.  The top stayed in place, I am always nervous when there are not adjusting straps, but the neckline is pretty high and I have a smaller chest size.  The leggings are super comfortable and moved with me during class.  Another thing I always get nervous about is anything in the grey family and sweat, the good news is that the dark olive color and the material helped keep me from looking like a sweat-stained mess.  While the material is not as moisture-wicking as some of the other yoga clothing I have, it was perfect for teaching where I’m only exerting about 70-80% for most of the class.

Kismet outdoors in our neighborhood park. Bra top Gita & leggings Mohani.

Kismet outdoors in our neighborhood park. Bra top Gita & leggings Mohani.

My next adventure for these beauties was a trip outside to shoot some yoga poses & again, super comfy, fantastically flattering material that looked great in my outdoor setting.  The awesome thing about Kismet and this particular outfit is that it’s very stylish too & works well for going to yoga and going to the store without much thought.

2 weeks ago I wore this outfit to the Mysore room during my Ashtanga practice.  My only mistake was that I had worn the bra top 2 other times previously for photo shoots so it needed to be washed and taken back to it’s original size.  I found myself pulling up the top several times during practice, but after washing it and trying again I had no problems.

Kismet utilizes sustainable and recycled materials for both their men’s & women’s collections. The collections are created by using lenzing modal, which comes from Beechwood trees which produces soft jerseys & recycled Polyester.  FullSizeRender (9)

So all in all my thoughts are this, Kismet was founded by a fantastic lady, Sylvia, it’s yoga wear is superb, the material is butter-soft and so comfortable to wear and move it, and it’s European chic?  What more could a Midwest girl ask for?  I will definitely be adding some more of these pieces to my yoga drawer!  And I’m super stoked to be partnering with Kismet in the future, she is sponsoring our #UrbanBadasses5 challenge going on right now, it’s not too late to join – check out my profile @clarissa_mae_ for more info!

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