So I’m Getting Married

In 3 days I’m getting hitched, wow!  It seems like for so long it’s been off in the distance, and now – it’s here.  Wade and I have been taking care of last-minute details, organizing, packing, and remarking about how we can’t believe it’s finally time.  I have watched lots of friends walk down this road, some have made it, others haven’t, it’s a hard road to commit yourself to one person forever, it’s also the most amazing feeling.

I have been trying to think about what I wanted to write before the wedding – alas I have been lost for words mostly.  A combination of exhaustion, being overwhelmed at trying to get everything settled, & pure excitement for what’s to come my words just weren’t there.  But I didn’t want to sign off for the next week without something, so here it is – SOMETHING 🙂 Make of it whatever you want, you can insert your own something if you’d like too.  I am so excited to see my friends, have this moment, and make a lifelong commitment to Wade.

I promise to post pictures after and write many things about our wedding & our honeymoon to the Badlands & Black Hills! It’s gonna be EPIC!! #wadeandclarissa

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