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One of my favorite murals in downtown Rock Island

Last summer my Instagram friend Scott @rockford_land and I started a challenge called Urbanbadasses.  This grew out of my love for capturing the art and history of the urban landscape I live in and seeing Scott enjoy the same thing.  We hosted our first challenge and got sponsors and watched the fantastic posts roll in from fabulous yogis all over the world.  Round 2 & 3 were twice as fun as we were feeling better about our ability to be challenge hosts and our participation increased.

Then there was a slump, I was changing jobs, landed in the hospital with a blood clot, & life just kept happening.  So for Round 4 we brought in some really incredible hosts, all put together by Scott & our new partner Erica @erica_whitman as I was recovering from my Rib Re-section surgery following my clotting incident.  I am so fortunate to have fantastic friends in Scott & Erica and they are always up for whatever crazy ideas I have for the challenge.

September 21-30, 2015 here we go with Round 5.  Make it magic friends.  #Urbanbadasses is back for more fun and mayhem, and you can participate even if you don’t live in an urban environment.  Wherever you call home is what we wanna see.  Blast out of your comfort zone and take a chance of displaying your yoga in public with others watching, or posing in front of that sweet mural you have always wanted to capture.  This challenge is meant to be fun and creative, we want to see why you love where you live and get some friends involved too


Jump in for this fun challenge – we dare you!

This round is Truth or Dare, that’s right, we’re gonna dare you to have fun and be creative! We’d also like to get to know everyone better so on the days there aren’t dare we’d love to hear a Truth about you!

We hope you will join us for a fabulous Round 5 as we celebrate everyone’s inner Badass with our #Urbanbadasses5 challenge.  You can also check out our gallery @Urbanbadasses for inspiration!

You can also check out our amazing sponsors for this challenge!

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