Alright 2016 – Here we go!

Here we go!

It’s hard to believe January is 1/2 over!  Wade and I have started to do some serious thinking about what is next for us.  We are compiling lists and brainstorming ideas.  And we have some BIG ideas!


Pretty stoked about my new gear.  Leggings and bra from Werkshop.  Hiking shoes from Ridgemont Outfitters.

2015 was a year that tested our resolve, it started with my TOS diagnosis and surgery, the passing of my Grandmother, possible moves, wedding planning, actual moving, camping and adventures with friends, our wedding, honeymoon, a broken hand, and a trip to India…whew.  2015 really made it’s mark.  As Wade and I look ahead at 2016 we have some big things in mind.  Of course we are dreaming pretty big and may have to scale back, but who knows, if you dream it – it can happen.  While we aren’t disclosing just yet what’s up our sleeves I know Wade & I want to keep our friends, family, and followers in-the-know as much as possible.

One of the big changes was Wade migrating his  wordpress blog “Intrepid Daily” to it’s own site  Check it out!  He writes some pretty neat stuff – but I’m a little biased.


X-ray of my spine – my L3 & L4 are the problem spots right now.

Alright, so now that I basically just said we’re keeping a secret for a bit let’s talk facts about what’s been going on  First, I started seeing a chiropractor because I had an assist related injury in India.  I’m in my 2nd week of treatment, 3 adjusts a week, electrotherapy and regular icings.  It’s helping a lot and my back is feeling much better, turns out my L3 & L4 lumbar vertebrae were slightly out of alignment, causing a nerve in my low back to be pinched which explains the pain.  I have never been to a chiropractor before so this experience has been very new for me.  So far it’s been a positive addition to my life and my doctor is great.

Second, I’ve been doing a teatox the last week and have another week left.  While I was in India Your Tea reached out to me about giving their teas a try.  I was ecstatic!  I got the 14-day Tiny Tea and a box of the Energy Tea. IMG_1012  Both excellent choices, the Energy Tea really helped me the first few days after I returned from India, giving me a natural boost of energy to make it through my day. I’ll usually have a mug in the morning if I’m feeling sluggish that day.  The Tiny Tea has been very helpful as I work to flush out the toxins from my time in India and traveling.  And it’s helped me get back to a more regulated eating schedule too, I drink a cup of the Tiny Tea 30 minutes before I eat a meal 3 times a day.

Third, I’m back on my my mat.  I took some time off when I returned home to rest, recover, and process.  Truthfully though I’m still going through this, but after a week I felt I needed to go back to my practice.


Your Tea – Tiny Tea 14-day Teatox (so much tea)

It’s been pretty rough, my back has been sore, my body has been stiff, the frigid cold here in the Midwest isn’t helping either.  But I’m working on being patient.  I knew after a month of not doing Kapotasana that it might be hard again at first, last night was my first Kapo since I left for India.  I touched my toes and hung out there feeling the sensations in my body.  The sensations made themselves known so I didn’t stay long.  I’m at the point where I’m doing some diagnostic research during my practice seeing how poses feel and making decisions about going further or not depending on those cues.  But let’s be honest everything seems hard right now.

So…a little update just to keep you in the loop.  Stay tuned for more info about what’s next!  Until my next post you can follow me on my Instagram @clarissa_mae_


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