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When I was a teenager I had a real strange set of accessories, I used to find cool yarn and knit myself a variety of cuffs to wear with outfits, I was very much into creating my own jewelry and adorning myself with my creations.  As I grew up and went to college I left a lot of that behind opting for smaller and subtle pieces.  In my early 20s I was back making my own creations and then really up until recently wearing only those pieces.  A few years ago I started to devote my time to other interests and found some really lovely pieces others had created.  I started to really love finding interesting artisans and sporting their pieces.  And then a few months ago I got an email from an online company called Rocksbox asking me to try their Jewelry service.


First Rocksbox set: Gorjana cuff, Perry Street necklace, and Kendra Scott studs

I checked out their website and discovered that I could sign up for this service and for $19.00 a month would receive 3 designer jewelry pieces.  The cool part is that once you get the pieces if you like them you can keep them and continue to wear or purchase them at  discounted “Insider” price or when you are done wearing them or don’t like the pieces you just ship them back.   Then a few days later a new set comes in the mail. IMG_1460 I’m in my 2nd month using the service and have really enjoyed the surprises that await me when a new shipment comes.  There have been some pieces I really love, some I haven’t liked as much, and some I would seriously consider purchasing.  When I first signed up I took a short questionnaire to choose my accessory style.  Since I pretty much mix-and-match about anything it mostly showed that I like a variety of pieces.  The next step was to pick out items from the Rocksbox inventory to add to my Wishlist so that my Stylist would be able to create a set just for me.  The first set I received had a beautiful Gold Layla Gorjana cuff.  This was by far my favorite piece from the set.  The Kendra Scott Tessa Stud Earrings in Iridescent Drusy were divine and fun to wear with any outfit.  The last piece in the set is by Perry Street which apparently is a line of jewelry designed specifically for Rocksbox, at first this shiny Olivia Necklace was something I thought I would never wear, but it turns out went really well with specific outfits!



2nd shipment containing pieces from Gorjana, Wanderlust + Co, and Jenny Bird

After 2 weeks I was excited to try another set so I repackaged my pieces carefully, put them back in the box and padded envelope they came in and sent them back.  My second shipment arrived about a week later and I was excited to see what it contained.  When you are choosing items for your wishlist it’s hard to know exactly how the pieces will look when you get them and my stylist had created a set around  Gorjana Chloe Mini Double Drop Earrings in Silver.  Online I thought I would really love these dangly earrings, but when they arrived I wasn’t in love.  The second piece was an Arrowhead Silver Ring from Wanderlust + Co which I liked for it’s simplicity but didn’t seem to fit my fingers well.  The last piece was a beautiful Jenny Bird Shielded Necklace in Silver which I really wanted to love, but had a hard time wearing.  I tried the pieces out for a few days, but then decided to send them back for a new set I hoped I would like better.


My third set arrived about a week later containing 3 absolutely amazing pieces!  My Stylist always sends a note along with the pieces about how she created my set and this time they are all amazing.  My favorite piece is the House of Harlow 1960 Native Legend Cuff in Turquoise.  This piece is so fun and versatile.  I love it!


House of Harlow 1960, Native Legend Cuff


3rd Shipment with pieces from Kendra Scott, House of Harlow 1960, & Soko


I got a beautiful set of Kendra Scott Skylar Earrings in White Pearl.  These beauties are perfect with every outfit I have paired them with!  The last piece is a beautiful gold Soko Paddle Choker, again a piece I would never pick out for myself but one I am really fond of.  So with my latest shipment sitting on my dresser brightening up my outfits as of late I am loving this service.  It is fun to know that you can get new pieces to liven up old outfits every few weeks and the cost is pretty reasonable for the beautiful pieces that land on your doorstep.  The option to purchase hasn’t tempted me as of yet, but I love that if I wanted I would be able to do so at a discounted price.  As I head into my 30s I am finding my style continues to change and evolve and one nice thing about Rocksbox is it allows me to explore new options without the commitment of purchasing and figuring out I don’t like the piece when I get it home.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to change up your wardrobe, especially as we head into Spring check out what Rocksbox has to offer.  Now I know this post is different from my usual yoga-centered ramblings, but even yogis should know how to accessorize, after all, it’s all part of the journey to discovering who you are!


If you decide you want to try Rocksbox you can use the code:  CLARISSAMTHOMPSXOXO to get your 1st month FREE!


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