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One thing I love about Instagram is how it allows me to find people and companies that I really connect with.  Yoga Democracy is one of those cases.  Natalie Oldroyd, the owner of Yoga Democracy started the company in the Spring of 2014.  It was her dream to create a company that followed the same beliefs of yoga and it’s teachings and values.  In an article written by Natalie in the Fall of 2015 she talks about her desire to found Yoga Democracy on the yogic value of Ahimsa or non-violence and to make the company Earth friendly and sustainable.

Ustrasana in Yoga Democracy Animal leggings and Choli top - image by Tiago D'Oliveira, yoga pose

Ustrasana in Yoga Democracy Animal leggings and Choli top – image by Tiago D’Oliveira in Mysore, India

Natalie uses eco-friendly methods to create her stunning pieces from materials that are recycled and destined for the landfill.  According to the website their printed leggings are made from 78% recycled polyester made from 100% post-consumer product and that each pair of leggings equals about 12 standard size water bottles.  Even the ways in which they dye and print the leggings are earth-friendly by using a process that uses no water, low energy, and non-toxic dye.  You can read more here.

IG Yoga Democracy meet up with Natalie herself and some beautiful babes! @sdharmr @yogininheels @bentley.likethecar – I’m wearing the Lobo design!

Now that we’ve established that Natalie and Yoga Democracy are doing all they can to give back to the Earth, even giving 10% of net profits to environmental processes around the world, let’s talk about how they work for practice and life.  The truth – everything Natalie creates is not only incredibly gorgeous, but of the highest possibly quality.

I love that the leggings come in capri and long-length, & now shorts and I have several pairs of all of them!  Each design collection is more beautiful than the last and with each release I fall in love again.  The nice thing about the Yoga Democracy design is that the waistband is high and keeps everything in place.  One thing I can’t stand is to have material on my stomach that is too tight or restrictive, the Yoga Democracy material is soft, containing, but never causes me any discomfort, and I’m super picky!

Beautiful One Blue Knit leggings by Yoga Democracy!

My other favorite piece from the Yoga Democracy line is the black nylon Choli top made of 65% recycled content including fabric remnants, fishing nets and carpets.  I love this top so much I own 3 and rotate them throughout my practice week.  I love this top for many reasons, the most important is the high neckline.  Even though I’m not the most well-endowed woman I am still conscientious of sharing too much during my practice.  But I do love the open back on this top, it keeps me cool and looks amazing, and I think the fact that I own 3 speaks for itself, for me it’s the perfect practice bra.

So let’s review, Yoga Democracy clothing is made in the US from eco-conscious materials using Earth-friendly processes.  Each design is amazing & unique and the cut of the leggings and tops flatter and stay put during practice, hiking, running, and grocery shopping.  And even better Natalie is coming out with some amazing new designs very soon!

If you’re wondering about sizing, they are pretty true-to-size. I wear a small in the full-length and capri leggings and a small in the choli top and have zero issues with items not fitting correctly.

I recommend subscribing so you get the latest updates on what’s happening in the world of Yoga Democracy and go check out their Instagram too, Natalie is often sponsoring some amazing challenges which is a fun way to get involved in the IG yoga community!

There’s also a great point system in place now and if you use the code: CLARISSAMAE at check out you will receive 20% off your order!

Wheel pose in Dragonfly Orchid Leggings and Choli top - image by Todd Welvart

Wheel pose in Dragonfly Orchid Leggings and Choli top – image by Todd Welvart for the 1st annual Radish Magazine Yoga Fest.

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