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Last week I was contacted by one of our local reporters about sitting down for a chat about how I use social media.  I was delighted at the inquiry and met up with Amanda Hancock, reporter for the QC Times to chat about how I got started using my Instagram @clarissa_mae_.

It’s funny I never really expected people to take an interest in my yoga practice in my living room, but after a year of joining challenges, connecting with people, and hosting my own yoga challenges I was finding more and more people started to follow my journey.  And I wasn’t the only one, I have connected with some amazing people who I have been able to build friendships with.  There are some big-name Insta Stars out there too and they inspire and push many to give yoga a shot.  Sometimes it can be intimidating to see someone performing a feat of strength and flexibility that may-or-may-not be possible for them in real-life.  But I have found that most people who give yoga a try learn quickly that’s not the goal.

wheel yoga pose in downtown rock island in werkshop leggings

Urban Yoga!

I feel fortunate and grateful for every opportunity my Instagram and its connections have given me and am pretty stoked about this recent exposure too.  You can read the full article here.  I love the photos, QC Times photographer John helped me create, those are part of the article too!  And here is a link to the Sneak Peak they did a few days before launching the article.

I love that our local newspaper has taken an interest in finding out how local people are impacting their town with their creativity and personalities, there will be reoccurring stories on local people doing some pretty neat things with social media in the coming weeks and here is a teaser!

wheel yoga pose in downtown rock island in werkshop leggings

Grasshopper Pose




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