Yoga for Athletes!

So in the last few weeks I’ve added a new class to my weekly schedule!

I’ve been spending some time thinking about who I am as a teacher in the last few months, especially since returning from India and after talking with my hubby Wade about how yoga fits into his life I think I’ve found my new focus.  Wade works out several times a week at Plan 4 Adventure a local training “camp” of sorts for people who like adventure or are looking to find some.  For Wade, yoga is part of his weekly routine and he uses it to allow him to stretch and lengthen the muscles that he uses in his workouts.

Just like Wade there are plenty of people who enjoy cycling, running, walking, tennis, soccer, ultimate frisbee, golf, basketball, hiking, kayaking, crossfit, swimming or any number of activities.  One thing they all have in common is yoga can be really beneficial.  The more you strengthen the muscles by participating in these activities the tighter they become, getting toned and hard.  By stretching and breathing like in yoga you allow those muscles, the ligaments, tendons, fascia to lengthen, relax, and become more flexible.  Not only is it good for your physical body but the benefits of focused breathing and mental relaxation are also very useful.

By allowing your body this time to recover from your rigorous workouts you can speed up recovery time, increase flexibility and performance, and ensure that you can continue to enjoy all these activities for a good long time.  If you don’t believe me just look at the pros who are incorporating more yoga into their daily practice.

Here’s a few articles that share these top athletes who practice yoga for mind, body, and spiritual benefits:

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As a teacher my hope is to share the practice of yoga with as many people as possible & try to encourage people to incorporate it into their routines.  You don’t have to drop your favorite activities and become a yogi but I found that it worked it’s way into my life in more ways than improved physical conditions.  I find myself practicing my yoga throughout my day as I try to maneuver through stressful situations and everyday challenges.  But I’m also someone that enjoys a variety of activities, I love to ride my bicycle, hike outdoors, camp, on occasion go for a run and I like that I am able to do so in a healthy and enjoyable way because I also take the time to work with my body and learn different ways to stay fit and healthy.


If you are curious about what yoga can do for you but  don’t know where to start I encourage your to attend any of my classes & stay tuned for the launch of my You Tube Channel over the next month where I’ll post videos and tips!  Sign up for email alerts so you know when I’ve launched it and to find out about any workshops or special classes!

I teach studio classes at Shine Yoga & Bodyworks in Moline, IL:

  • Monday 5:30pm & 6:45pm
  • Thursday 6pm

OR you can join me every Saturday morning at 10am for 30 minutes of stretching and lengthening via & if you want to try this service free for a week here’s a link.


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