Yoga 4 Homeless

Yoga has given me many wonderful things in my life, confidence, physical, mental, and spiritual health, and a voice.  For my birthday this year I decided to hold a Karma Yoga class as a fundraiser for Yoga 4 Homeless an organization that goes to providing yoga teachers, classes, and mats to homeless shelters and community centers around the country to help reduce trauma, stress and addictive behaviors within the homeless community.  We raised $100 for Yoga 4 Homeless at our class!  And if you’d still like to donate simply click here to do so.

Homelessness affects many and here in the Quad City the homeless population is pretty high.  As part of the class I also collected items that could be donated to a local shelter.  The shelter I worked with was the Humility of Mary which provides temporary housing and other services for adult men and woman in the Quad City area.  We collected hygiene items, some clothing, and coffee which is a highly needed commodity there as they provide their population with hot coffee on a daily basis.

Some easy things to donate are:

  • Yoga mats you don’t use anymore, not only are they good for yoga, but people can also sleep on them
  • Ground coffee
  • Hygiene items like: shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant

Many shelters will post a list too of most-needed items at that time too!


Thanks to everyone who donated to either cause and to those to came out to class! Look for more opportunities to give in the future and try to keep those who are less fortunate in mind too.  Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand or a kind gesture!

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    1. Yes I couldn’t agree more! And thank you for your comment! Yoga is such a gift and it’s good to share it with as many people as possible.

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