Inkling’s Adventures

Well things have been a bit quiet on the blog for a bit, and I won’t lie I get behind writing on here, I do most of my exposition on my IG.  But Wade and I have such amazing news and if you haven’t heard we adopted a 3.5 month-old puppy on December 3rd and are new puppy parents!  Our little Inkling is the sweetest little bundle of energy.

Inkling's First Adventure

Inkling’s First Adventure

Inkling is an Aussie/Heeler mix who’s profile we saw on the PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison, IA.  We fell in love with her the moment we saw her, put in a request and talked about her non-stop for a week.  We decided we wanted to meet Inkling so bad we made the 2 hr drive south to visit her at the Shelter and took her home with us that day.  It seems kind of crazy that in a day our whole lives changed.

Inkling's Adoption Profile pic

Inkling’s Adoption Profile pic

Neither Wade nor I have ever had puppy or raised a dog and being new parents we keep feeling a wave of emotions from utter joy, overwhelm, excitement, concern, and disbelief that our little family has been expanded in such a beautiful way.  Wade and I talked about getting a dog for a long time, but weren’t able to under our current lease, but after a conversation with our landlords they agreed we could get a dog.  The next day we made a call to PAW to see if Inkling was still there and 2 days later made the drive to bring her home.

First family pic together!

First family pic together!

Our lives have seemed a bit chaotic since I had committed myself to several additional gigs and jobs during this time to make up for traveling the last few months, but Wade has been the best puppy dad and has been so good at teaching her so much in such a short amount of time.  It’s crazy to see her grow up so much in a week, her ears have perked up, she’s gained weight and muscle and is getting stronger every day.  We are absolutely LOVING being her parents and can’t wait for all the adventures we are going to take with her!

Me and Inkling!

Me and Inkling!

Wade made a little YouTube video about our last few weeks which you can watch on our channel Intrepid Daily and be sure to subscribe for more Inkling videos and follow her IG account Inklings_Adventures for unbelievable amounts of cuteness!

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