5 Steps Toward Better Self Care

This year has been rough!  And I’m really only speaking about myself here, but talking to others it seems 2018 has been the year of lots of change, lots of shifts, moving through uncomfortable situations and trying to clear a path for the light ahead.  My own commitment to self-care hasn’t been good either, especially since we packed up our lives and moved West at the end of the summer.  

So, it’s December, almost the start of a New Year, just about ready to officially head into the Winter season.  I am making a firmer commitment back to my own self-care and invite you to do the same. Below you will find 5 easy ways to give back to You in the next few weeks.  You can of course go bigger, grander, heck come on my Retreat to Greece in April – ultimate self-care getaway!  But, since it’s practically Christmas, let’s think baby steps. 

5 Steps Toward Better Self Care for the holidays and the new year ahead! Recomitt to making time for you and learn how easy it can be!
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5 Steps Toward Better Self Care 


You can’t live without sleep, physically and mentally you NEED SLEEP.  These days, I try to set myself a hard bedtime, 10pm is the latest I ever want to crawl under my covers, but really 9:30pm is my ideal bedtime.  And in order to get a good night’s sleep you have to stick to a routine.  Try not to look at your phone at least 30 mins before you close your eyes.  Wind down, take a moment to sit in stillness before bed, maybe recite what you are grateful for that day or journal.  I like to use my Pranamat for some acupressure relief before I go to bed by standing on it and laying on it.  You can even give yourself a little massage, rub your feet and wash your face ( I recommend FRE) and pamper YOU a bit before lights out.  Whatever it is, make that routine yours and part of your night time ritual! 


Take a walk, drive with the windows down, go on a hike, a run, just sit and watch the creek flow by.  But get outside.  I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota and we get lots of snow, and it can get cold and windy here, but even it’s just 3 deep breaths outside, use that time to reset, recenter, and rejuvenate yourself.  The Earth is healing for us. So take advantage of the gifts given to us in the land, sky and sea.


Where do your thoughts go when you let them wander? Is it a place of fear or doubt?  Do you spend your day stopping yourself from committing and repeating the endless list of “what ifs.”  Most of us know exactly what this is like and many of us feel like this is our norm.  But when you choose a mindful pattern of thought there is no room for these thoughts of fear and doubt.  When you choose your thoughts most of us choose ones of happiness, joy, success, and abundance.  Being mindful of your internal dialogue is the first step in living a life of mindfulness and living a life where you are a conscious co-creator of that life!

5 Steps Toward Better Self Care for the holidays and the new year ahead! Recomitt to making time for you and learn how easy it can be!
Photo by Ashley Flaig Photography
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Take a bath, get a massage, read a good book, buy some nice bath salts or some CBD infused products to help you relax and unwind.  I love drinking a hot cup of Chamomile Tea about an hour before bed.  This helps me relax and keep me warm in the winter!  There are so many beautiful small companies out there committed to helping you live your best life.  Supporting them helps support you too and it’s nice to spend a little something on a gift for YOU!  So yes, most of us can’t afford a massage every week from a professional, but once a month, maybe.  You make the choice that is right for you financially right now.  But you also don’t have to just decide you can’t because it costs something.  Or find something else, maybe you journal or take a nap or make your favorite desert and drink a glass of wine.  Don’t limit yourself, but reward yourself with love and kindness. 


I will always advocate for yoga in any type of movement but do whatever makes you happy.  Maybe it’s Pilates, zumba, cross-fit, run, anything that gets your body and mind working together.  Your mind can get so bogged down with work and responsibilities, worry and stress.  Guess where that all goes?  It goes right into your muscles, tissues, tendons, and organs.  Your body is a closed circuit of energy.  All the emotions you think in your mind you feel in your body.  And then you can start to affect the people around you.  Every living thing has a vibration and while your body is it’s own entity it is connected and affected by other living things around it.  Think about when you pet your dog or cat.  The feeling that you get in your body is because that furry creature is having an affect on the energetic and emotional make-up of YOU! So in order to keep your whole self happy and healthy you have to move it! Find a yoga class, or a 101 course or go to something with a friend, take a walk over your lunch, get a standing desk, but don’t just sit and walk in one pattern of movement your whole life, explore your world and move in it!

This holiday season and really anytime we get to this time of year everyone’s stress levels go up.  We are all trying to complete our tasks not only at work, but in life and with family and friends.  There’s a lot of pull in many directions and it makes it so easy to get out of whack.  So just take some time for YOU.  Wake up maybe 10 minutes earlier and start with a little meditation and go from there.  You don’t need to complicate any of this.  You just need to adapt it to fit your needs and your life.  Often we try to make too many changes at once, so just start small.  And add more as you feel you can.  

Wishing you all a wonderful happy and safe holiday, so much love and light my friends! And please comment below what some of your favorite self-care routines are.  This list is meant to be just a starting point and I love to hear what other people do! Like and share this with friends and family too!

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