Brands I Love!

I’m always being asked where I get my yoga pants, tops, sports bra, you name it so here’s a section on my site where you can find out!  Since I have a pretty intense Ashtanga yoga practice I seek out pieces that dry quick, move with me instead of against me, and are colorful and fun.

For practice this is what I usually choose:

WERKSHOP leggings – I love wearing WERKSHOP because they dry quickly, don’t fall down, move with me even when I’m twisting myself into the most ridiculous postures, have the most amazing patterns, and they are made right here in the USA!  I also love to wear these hiking & exploring! Use code: CLARISSAMAE for $10 off any order of $75 or more!

Yoga Democracy leggings – If you want eco friendly and functional look no further.  These elaborately designed pieces are art work all created using the most sustainable and Earth-friendly methods.  You can read more here.  Use code: CLARISSAMAE for 20% off your order too!

Not only do I love these pants for practice but the Yoga Democracy Choli top is one of my favorite tops to practice in.  The high neck ensures nothing gets loose, but the open sexy back still adds playfulness to the piece.  While it’s not lined it’s not a big deal for me and the material dries so fast it’s amazing.

Handful Bra – I practice about 99% of the time in leggings and a sports bra and when I want a different bra for my practice I turn to my Handful Bra.  I remove the pads personally for practice, but they are nice to have.  The material is moisture-wicking and by the time I get up from Savasana the bra is dry.  One thing I am picky about is the seams near the underarms, some bras the seams are too prominent and cause chaffing, the handful bra does not!  And now they have introduced leggings and capris into their collection!

Liforme Yoga Mat – I’m am a new Liforme mat user and it has quickly become a favorite and staple in my practice.  I sweat a lot in my practice and need a mat that keeps me from slipping around when I’m trying to jump into an arm balance, take a deep backbend, or lower into Karandavasana.  This mat has changed my practice in so many ways allowing me the grip I need to take my practice further.


When I’m not practicing here are some brands I love to wear teaching, to run errands, or just to switch it up!

GAIAM – For props and yoga accessories I almost alway choose GAIAM.  I encourage my beginner students to get their first mats from GAIAM! I love that the prices are accessible for people just starting out and for accessories when I need to buy for my teaching. Not only do they create fantastic beginner mats but their premium mats are high quality and heavy enough to keep from slipping all over the place.  I also get to work with them and you can use my code: CLARISSA20 for 20% off anything on their site!

AIVA – While I don’t run often I do enjoy adding cross-training into my practice.  I wear AVIA almost exclusively for this and love their running shorts, sports bras, tanks and running shoes! It’s easy to outfit myself in AVIA for a reasonable price and still rock my run or burpees! Use code: CLARISSA25 for 25% off your purchase!

Cotopaxi – So while most of the stuff I post about is yoga-related, my husband and I really enjoy being outdoors.  I leave most of the outdoor posts to him on his site but I occasionally hop on the gear train too.  I love everything Cotopaxi makes.  I wear their tees pretty much anytime I don’t have to be in work clothes.  I love their packs and my fav 2 packs of theirs are the Boma 13L daypack  & the Luzon 18L technical daypack which I can use to transport goods for teaching, practice, hiking, biking, or just general life needs!

Synergy Clothing – When I’m not wearing yoga clothes I often choose Synergy.  These incredible designs and comfy organic cotton clothes are not only beautiful but eco friendly too!!  I LOVE their dresses most of all!  Code: CLARISSA20 for 20% off your order!



Image Tiago D’Oliveira Leggings Werkshop