Mobility Program:

In this program you will find multiple tools to help you increase your body’s mobility. Over time and based on our normal patterns of movement and our lifestyles our bodies forget how much mobility they possess.

This program is designed to be used in a way to break your body’s old habits and develop new and healthier ones.

Included are three different warm-ups to get your body ready for the exercises. You will get a detailed tutorial on foam rolling all major muscle groups in the body that typically need the relief a foam roller can provide.

You will also get seven videos, each themed according to major muscle groups (shoulders, hips, hamstrings, feet, back, quads) which will help you regain and/or maintain your body’s range of motion and help you live your best life!

I have been developing this program to be of use to everyone, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, if you sit or stand all day, or if you just want to be active again and do so with decreased risk of injury.

Your purchase includes all twelve videos, an introductory PDF, and access to any updates or additions I make to the program in the future.  You will also receive periodic email updates in regards to workshops I teach, blogs I write, and any new programs I develop.


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Mobility Workshop

Mobility Workshop – Fields of Yogis in Cedar Rapids. Book me at your studio!