Sage, Wildflower & Lavender Bundles


Black Hills area Sage, Wildflower and Lavender Smudge Bundle. A powerful tool for smudging, cleansing, meditation, relaxation. They are beautiful as decoration too!

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Foraged from the Black Hills area of South Dakota these bundles combine sage, wildflowers and locally grown lavender from my garden!  Not only are they beautiful, but their powerful aroma relaxes and calms the mind, body and spirit. Lavender is great to relieve stress, anxiety and help you sleep!

Burning sage can be done to purify and cleanse a space, a person and their energy and to remove stagnant energy.  After burning, open windows or doors to allow the energy you wish you clear out to move along and new to flow in.

These bundles were made and infused with powerful intentions and Moon energy and ready for your use!
Since they are handmade they will vary in size and shape and amount/type of wildflowers.  Length generally varies between 7-10 inches.

Happy smudging!

**If you live near Spearfish or Belle Fourche, South Dakota you can select local pick-up, otherwise there will be a cost to ship.