Moon Activation Kit


Ready to amplify and channel the energy of the Full or New Moon? Use this Moon Activation Kit to connect with your intuition and experience transformation!

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Planning your own Moon ceremony and interested in raising your own vibration?
Use this Moon Activation Kit to enhance your inner strength, wisdom and connection to the Universe.
This kit combines some of my favorite tools you can use to create a ritual that works for you!

In this bundle you will receive:

  • A handmade Black Hills sage bundle.
  • A Selenite wand (3in) to amplify the power of other crystals and vibrations, to connect to your 3rd eye, crown and chakras beyond the body.  Also a great tool for Drawing Down the Moon energy or cleansing other crystals.
  • A raw Moon stone crystal to promote wisdom, inner growth, strength, calm, stability, and to enhance your intuition.
  • A 3in holographic “Moon Vibes” sticker!

Pair this kit with my Moon Flow Bundle for guidance on how to shake up your physical practice, ideas for Oracle spreads and a guided meditation for a deeper connection to the Moon energy!

Since the bundles are handmade and moonstone and selenite are raw crystals, size and shape, amount of flowers will vary in each kit.

If you live locally, near Spearfish, SD please select local-pick up and I will contact you about a pickup!