Sound Sessions

Shamanic Journey Sound Sessions
These sessions can connect you to your power animals, ancestral knowledge, unlock messages from your spirit guides, or simply reconnect you back to your body. I use a variety of instruments and voice to channel messages and lead you through a journey to receive guidance and wisdom from your own guides.

Sound Healing and Cacao Ceremonies
These sessions will be offered as individual, small group or event offerings.
If you have an event coming up and would like a unique offering to be a part of that, consider a Sound Session and or Cacao Ceremony. Please reach out for pricing for special events or to have me join your retreat or offering.

Womb Healing Sessions
“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life.”
Mother or not, these sessions are designed to focus light energy into the womb to heal, to forgive and to create space for growth and transformation. The womb and sacral chakra hold the power of creativity, sexuality, and the Divine Feminine – these sessions are designed to open this space, to start the process of self-healing and shed the old patterns and stories we hold in the body.

Blessingway Ceremonies
A Blessingway is a rite of passage ceremony for a woman as she steps from the role of Maiden to Mother or Mother to Crone, these can either be private 1:1 sessions or facilitated for groups. My personal Blessingway Ceremony happened in lieu of a baby shower and this is a beautiful alternative as it is a celebration of the maiden on her journey to motherhood. There is also the transformation from mother to crone, the wise woman and these can be facilitated celebrations as well. For a facilitated Blessingway Ceremony please reach out for pricing

Private Sessions Prices for Sound, Cacao or Shamanic Journeys

60 min 1:1  $70 per person (in-person or online via Zoom)
90 min 1:1  $100 per person (in-person or online via Zoom)

Book 4  60 min 1:1 sessions at a time for $250 ($30 off) OR 8 sessions $460 ($90 off)
Book 4 90 min 1:1 sessions at a time for $370 ($30 off) OR 8 sessions $700 ($100 off)

Semi-Private Sessions:

Semi-Private sessions for up to 3 people $35 per person
OR book 4 sessions at a time for $125 per person
To schedule any semi-private sessions please email me

For package deals please email me at to be sent an invoice or payments can be sent directly to my Venmo @clarissa_mae_ (please select Friends/Family)

If booking a semi-private please indicate if you are buying for 1, 2, or 3 people.

Add On Options:

  • 1:1 Cacao Ceremony $15
  • Cacao Ceremony for small group is an additional $10 per person
  • 1:1 Meditation Coaching $15
  • Meditation Coaching for small group is an additional $10 per person
  • Womb Healing to a Sound Session or Cacao Ceremony $15


Sound Healing Sessions with Clarissa Mae Yoga