Workshops & Events

I love to travel, I love to teach Yoga, and I would LOVE to come teach a workshop (or several) at your studio!   Below is a list of workshops I’ve developed, but if you have a different idea I’m always open and excited to create new material.

Full Moon Flow & Ceremony

The Full Moon is a perfect time energetically to let go of things that will no longer serve you. As part of this ceremony we will move our bodies in a Vinyasa style class to bring some heat and fluid movement to the body. You will learn a specially designed Moon Flow for that particular Full Moon too and complimentary movements and poses.  No two experiences are ever the same so opening up to what each Moon cycle brings is a great way to start to really unlock the your own potential.  As part of this class we will also do a guided Journey meditation and a small burn ceremony where we write down something we would like to release and physically burn it away.  This type of cleansing ceremony is meant to help you release and let go of unnecessary baggage and worry.

New Moon Yin or Restorative Yoga & Ceremony

Shifting into a new cycle New Moon Ceremony classes often involve a Restorative or Yin Yoga class designed to ignite, inspire and help you follow your energy to it’s purpose. The class will be specially designed based on the astrological meaning of the Moon, the Zodiac sign it’s in and any other Universal factors.  This Yoga class and Ceremony is the perfect time to embrace change and transformation paired with the New Moon cycle. Embrace and channel your energy and power by slowing down, taking time for you and moving with the energy of the New Moon!

Manifestation Flow and Journey Meditation

Attune to the power of the Universe in this dynamic flow and deep meditation.  During this powerful experience we will explore different movements to open up the chakras through Vinyasa sequences and Yin Yoga holds.  We will flow with our breath, move like water and allow ourselves to embrace our own potential by embracing the power of manifestation and the divine feminine.  We will use movement, breathing, visualization and a Shamanic Journey experience with drumming and other instruments to tap into and elevate the power of our own energies.  And as a community we will uplift that energy to start to shift the vibrations of those beyond ourselves.  We are all born with divine power and during this class you will learn to embrace, move with it and allow yourself to be fully immersed in the flow of the Universe.  This workshop can be done at any time of the year!

So You Wanna Chaturanga: Finding Strength In Yoga

Many of us come to the mat with seeking inner peace, happiness, stress relief, or an end to chronic pain. Many will discover additional benefits they weren’t necessarily looking for; increased strength is one of these.

Strength in Yoga comes in many shapes and forms. It usually starts in our physical body, as we see new muscle definition or find that we are using muscles we didn’t know we had before. Cultivating that fortitude and purposefully harnessing that inner power allows us to take our physical strength and apply it in our daily lives.

Join me for a workshop designed to help you cultivate and build strength, physically and mentally. We will do a strength building practice and discuss how and why the practice of yoga can give you so much more than muscle.  If your goal is to get through Sun Salutes without feeling winded, hold chaturanga, arm balance or invert with confidence this workshop is for you!

For teachers: This workshop also has continuing education hours as we discuss anatomy, adjusting and some partner work. Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

Let’s Bend: Workshopping Backbends

Whether you find yourself able to backbend with ease or they are a constant struggle there is always something new to learn. Some people struggle with relying on the natural bend in the lumbar spine. Others have trouble opening the front body while backbending. Both of these challenges, as well as several others can be overcome in this workshop. You will be guided through backbending drills and flows to help you self-analyze the patterns your body exhibits right now and develop new strategies to change those patterns to find ease and strength in backbending.

For teachers: This workshop also has continuing education hours as we discuss anatomy, adjusting and some partner work. Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

Transformation: Restorative Yoga and Meditation with Clarissa & Wade

Have you ever had an animal encounter you couldn’t explain? Perhaps you see a certain animal all the time or in your dreams. Maybe you just notice hawks along the side of the road or find yourself connecting to the creatures around you.

Join Clarissa & Wade for a special restorative yoga and meditation event where we will guide you through an animal transformation experience.

All beings on this planet are connected and through this experience you will be guided to remember that.  We will turn inward, slow down, tap in and recharge the elements that connect us back to Mother Earth and all her creatures.  You can expect a slow Restorative Class taught by Clarissa and long Meditation guided by Wade.

*Wade Ellett is a 200 hr RYT and Meditation teacher.

#GetUpsideDown: Inversion Workshop

Inverting is one of those movements you are either thrilled about pursuing or a bit nervous to try.  Whether you are interested in doing your first headstand, handstand or just learning how to find more balance we will work on how to get comfortable going upside down.  We will work on some drills for shoulder stability, wrist strength, core strength and do some partner work.  Learning to be comfortable in inversions is a great way to shift your perspective and find comfort in being a little uncomfortable.

For teachers: This workshop also has continuing education hours as we discuss anatomy, adjusting and some partner work. Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

Arm Balancing is the Best!

I love working on arm balances and I can’t wait to help you!  You don’t have to have any arm balancing experience to try out this workshop, but a courageous heart and mind is key!  Facing your fears is something you have to do to find confidence to arm balance and it’s such a great way to boost your confidence.  We’ll work on core strength, shoulder stability and wrist strength and flexibility.  These drills will help you approach most arm balance structures and then we will play with some fun arm balances!

For teachers: This workshop also has continuing education hours as we discuss anatomy, adjusting and some partner work. Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

Embrace A New Vision

What are some things that have been on your goal lists that you just never get around to working on? Do you want to engage in new hobbies, travel more, or make healthy changes in your life? In this two hour workshop we will tackle some pretty big visions. We will flow and meditate and bring our visions into our reality.  The power of manifestation is real – thoughts become things and whatever you channel your energy into is what is created. During this workshop you will learn to channel your energy in a positive and directed way through breath, movement, and stillness.  We may chant, explore free movement and there will be a guided journey with a drum.  I often provide a crystal or stone to you for the workshop or essential oils to enhance the experience through the other senses.

This workshop can also be offered as a Vision Board workshop where we spend time at the end creating vision boards for students to take home with them.

Flowing Through Movement

Vinyasa movement is the transition of movement between postures.  During a Vinyasa class the work of flowing in and out of postures becomes just as important as the posture itself.  In this workshop we will spend time working with the fluidity of movement and motion between and during poses.  No postures will be held statically as we invite our bodies to move in any way or direction that feels good. Total length of the workshop is two hours with a 75-90 min class flow.  Modifications for all levels will be given, and the only requirement is an open mind and spirit!

Mobility & Movement

In this workshop version of my athletic mobility program you will develop a strong foundation of tools to help you regain and improve your mobility! Life doesn’t stop moving simply because you are in pain. Chances are your life has you constantly moving and the effects of sedentary jobs, over-training, injury, and life in general decreases your ability to move dynamically. That is, unless you take the time to create new patterns of movement in the body.

We will use a combination of foam rolling, yoga, gymnastics stretching, and functional movement can help you reclaim your full range of motion and move through your busy life pain free.  In this workshop you will be guided through different drills you can start incorporating before or after your workout to get the most out of each session.  As part of this workshop you will also have the opportunity to purchase the whole Mobility Lab program to do at home.

This program is perfect for athletes of all kinds, people looking to regain their range of motion, and anyone interested in improving their over-all fitness!

Part 1 & Part 2 (2 separate workshops)

For teachers: This workshop also has continuing education hours as we discuss anatomy, adjusting and some partner work. Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided.

Ashtanga and Movement: A hybrid movement class based on the Ashtanga tradition

The Ashtanga system is based in deep tradition & structure. As a practicing Ashtangi I love that about the system, but I also love adding additional movement & sequences to the existing structure to access different areas of the body & energy centers. This workshop is a fun 90 min flow with some explanation at the beginning and end about the Ashtanga tradition.  The sequence is a hybrid that combines the Primary & Intermediate series & some additional movement pieces designed to inspire creativity.  It’s a fun 2 hour workshop that works well for a group that wants to try something new and different!

Yoga 101: Foundations for Starting Your Own Yoga Practice

Have you ever wanted to give yoga a try? If so this mini course is for YOU!

Let’s dive into why this practice is so beneficial, so magical, and should be a part of your life!  We will talk about breath, body awareness, and how yoga can help you manifest the changes you seek in your life.  As part of this course you will get a yoga sequence to practice at home to try out the skills we use in the workshop and access to a guided video class with me!

Join me for a two hour workshop on the fundamentals of the yoga practice. Come with questions and learn how yoga can change your life!

Yoga 201: Deepening Your Yoga Practice

In Yoga 201 we will dive deeper into the Practice of Yoga!  If you have attended the Yoga 101 Foundations course and feel ready for the next level this class is for you.  Even if you haven’t attended 101 but are looking for a way to re-energize your practice, go deeper with your time on your mat, or just looking for a greater understanding of why we practice this course is for you!

We’ll take a look at some more intricate aspects of the practice, learn a whole new sequence, discover how to take chunks of that sequence and create short flows you can do in any amount of time. You will also get access to a guided practice as part of this workshop you can do at home!