India Week 4 – The goodbyes

This week has been pretty strange so far.  People have started their journeys home and our group is growing smaller.  Today a dear friend Roni goes home, I am so happy for her to be home with her family, but will miss her.  She has been my adventure buddy and dinner buddy for a month.  She takes our orders at Anu’s and delivers our treats, she has the most welcoming smile and is not afraid to explore new places.  This is her second trip to India and she imparted on me some incredibly valuable and helpful information about this whole experience.  She included me in everything and made sure I had someone to walk me home at night.  Friendship, developed from a simple meeting my first night in India, a warm smile, and many conversations as the time went on.


Adventure hike!



I feel so fortunate to have met some truly incredible individuals, most of us have other lives outside of our daily yoga practice, some of us teach classes, some of us have been to India before, some of us this was our first trip, & some of us have other jobs for 40+ hrs a week on top of our practice, family, and teaching.  But all of us have created something special here, acceptance and friendship.  As we begin to say goodbye, or until next season to each other it is hard to see these faces that have become part of my daily life go.  But I know they have lives, families, jobs, responsibilities at home, just like me.  I cannot wait to return home to Wade, be close to my family and friends, sleep in my own bed and use my own shower (with water pressure).  But I also know even with all of the challenges and struggles I am leaving a part of me here to return to.  The community that exists in this place is something I have experienced only at my home Shala, but here we live and breathe it.  These people, this place, the Shala, Sharath, Guruji before him, have created and sustained something bigger than our individuality, here we come together for a common reason.  While each person has their own experience it is the group, the community that sustains what has become a life-changing place for many.  Until next season my friends!


The Banyan tree outside of Mysore City with Laura, Erik, me, Israel,& Roni


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