The Struggle is Real & That’s Ok

The last couple of weeks have been insane at work and as I get closer to my wedding.  I have had fewer hours on my mat during this time and that makes me feel crazy.  I find that when I have fewer hours on my mat I have fewer hours of sanity in my everyday life.  The problem for me, as it is for most people is that I don’t have anymore hours in my day.  I am too exhausted to get up earlier or stay up later, my job keeps me at work longer and demands more from me mentally.  How then do I maintain my practice and remain a good and compassionate person when I don’t have the time on my mat?

Image created by @myqart

Image created by @myqart

I think whatever our outlet is we all face these periods of time & some are longer periods than others.  I find that when I am faced with not being able to turn to my mat I must find other ways to engage my practice in my life.  The last two days I knew were going to be especially stressful at work so I woke early and sat in my yoga room & spent a few moments centering and breathing.  This short meditation allowed me to tap into the mind-space I find during my physical practice.  My meditation practice is not as strong as others, but I know there are so many important benefits of meditation and taking time to breathe and center.  This is a personal story about how I struggle, just like everyone else, how I am imperfect and lose my temper just like others.  I get frustrated when I am unable to find time for my physical practice.  This is normal and all part of the learning process of life.  Yoga has taught me that I have a lot to learn about myself and my ability to handle these stressful situations.  While I’m far from perfect I think realizing this and being able to acknowledge it is a good first step to being able to move forward and learn from each of these difficult moments.  I’d love to open this up for conversation to anyone who needs a space to share.  In these moments of challenge I find it’s important to know we aren’t alone and that we all struggle.

The image in this article was created by the talented @myqart

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