Brands I Love: Eagle Rock Werkshop

If you know me personally or through my social media sites you probably are aware that I enjoy wearing fun yoga leggings both on and off the mat.  One of my all-time favorite brands is the creation of Chriztina Marie (Tina Z.), CEO & Founder of Eagle Rock Werkshop.  It all started with here Kickstarter in January 2014 and has now changed the face of yoga wear.  I stumbled upon Werkshop at some point in late spring 2014 and purchased my first pair of capri pants in July.  I debated back and forth over all the amazing style and finally settled on the Honeycomb Galaxy leggings.  When the arrived just a few days later I was eager to take them to practice and test them out.  They performed so well for me I was dead set on getting another pair.

Ubhaya Padangustasana wearing Werkshop Dark Sugar leggings in India

Ubhaya Padangustasana wearing Werkshop Dark Sugar leggings in India – image by Tiago D’Oliveira


Not only does Tina Z. create gorgeous art she also has a big heart and desire to help others.  In Fall 2014 she teamed up with another amazing yoga @masumi_g to create an amazing line of leggings with beautiful Fruits & Veggies prints.  For every pair sold $10 went to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the end result was a 3K donation to the hospital.  Last year Werkshop’s cause was Breast Cancer Research and this year is Ocean Preservation.  The newest Werkshop collection is Under the Sea and features leggings with clownfish, mermaids, sharks, orcas, seahorses, jellyfish, fish scales and more.

Hanumanasana in Werkshop Lion

Hanumanasana in Werkshop Lion

So now that we’ve established that I personally adore Tina Z., her team, and her amazing designs I’ll tell you why they are worth it.  If you take a look at her webshop and fall in love with the designs and wonder, should I go for it, the answer is YES.  Now I’m only a fan of Tina’s work but she had me hooked from my first pair.  If you read my bio you know my personal yoga practice is an Ashtanga practice and I’ve had the good fortune to practice with some amazing teachers.  At this point I’m over halfway through the Ashtanga Intermediate Series which is pretty intense and requires dedication, daily practice, and quite a bit of sweat as you twist and bind your way into a variety of backbends and leg-behind-the-head postures.

Personally, I prefer to wear capris or leggings for my practice and I found that the Werkshop material and design worked well for what I needed.  They don’t slide down my waist or rumple up when I move in a ridiculous number of directions.  They dry fast, even when I’m sweating up a storm & are slippery enough  that when I’m doing Primary Series I can still get my arms through my legs for Garbha Pindasana, but not so slippery that I slide off my arms when jumping into Bakasana in 2nd series.

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King PIgeon in Werkshop Siren

But not only do I enjoy wearing them for practice I wear them when I teach and am constantly getting compliments on my cool pants.  I also wear them hiking, when I’m traveling, and just for fun.  So if you are curious and looking for a product that is high quality in design, material, art, and supported by an amazing team Werkshop is for you.  You can even check out Tina’s newest styles, there are now leotards and swimsuits, bra tops, and soon to come men’s shorts.  And I don’t want to forget to mention that Werkshop is for men, women, anyone who dares to be bold and give them a try!

As for sizing, I tend to size-up in leggings because I don’t enjoy clothing pressing against my stomach so I wear a size small both the capris and full-length leggings and a small in the bras and leotards.

Happy Shopping! If you want to check out other rocking their Werkshop search #teamwerkshop on Instagram & look out for the Werkshop mascot Huck the Pup!

One last note, since Werkshop is a small business you have to watch for restocks of the designs you want & the easiest way is sign-up for her newsletter, she always lets you know when that design you’ve had your eye on is getting restocked!!


Eka Pada Sirsasana in Werkshop Dark Sugar at Kukkarahalli Lake, Mysore, India – image by Tiago D’Oliveira


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